How Do I Update My Billing Info?

Use our SECURE form. Click Here.

We will use this form to update your information in our database. We will ONLY use your information for billing purposes, for your TW services, and to contact you. We take your privacy seriously.

Do NOT give your credit card number via email. EVER. Email is NOT secure, and identity theft is made easy by hacking email accounts. The same is true for internet chat methods (e.g. FaceBook). This is true for any time you are using your credit card via the internet (not just our site). Be careful with your credit card information!

Our form is encrypted to avoid hacks – please use this method ONLY to send us your credit card information. A good way to tell if a site is secure is to check the address bar. If you see https://….., it is a secure, encrypted site. If you see http://….., it is not. The S means secure. Again, this is true for any site.

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