Domain Names

A Better Way to Get Customers to Your Website


A little about Domain Names:

When using the internet, there are a LOT of pages you can visit for any particular topic. I mean, thousands and thousands, literally. So, to get visitors to a specific page, you must give them an address. Much like giving directions to a physical destination, you are doing a disservice if you vaguely say “oh, I live in New York. Come on over!” – let’s face it, no one will ever be able to find you that way. You have to give them a specific address. On the internet, this is referred to as a web address.

Your web address is where all the information, pictures, content is. For Tupperware, this is – this is where your website can be found by anyone looking to visit.

Now, if you send someone a link, via email, or online, this works out fine, since no one needs to remember or write down your address. BUT, that is only one avenue to get visitors to your site. The solution is simple: Domain Name!

A domain name is like the portal to get to your address. This is where our physical address analogy goes sci-fi. A visitor can type in a shorter, easier to remember, web address, that transports them directly to your already-established website. Voila!

An example, is the web address of a well known book store. BUT, you can simply type in to get to their website! SO much easier!

Now, are you looking for some ideas for your Tupperware website domain? How about these:


All of this ease and versatility, for about $11 A YEAR! ($12.12 with domain privacy so spammers don’t get your name/phone/email)

How To Purchase/Use:

1) Buy a domain name. Make sure it is copyright free (don’t use names of products or companies to avoid legal issues)

2) Once you have purchased your domain name – you can then log back into your domain manager and forward your name for FREE to your other site. (Example: opens (new landing page)

3) Market your NEW domain name on business cards, car lettering, flyers, handouts, phone messages and more.

Need me to order it for you and setup domain forwarding – We charge $25 a year for this service (waived till 3/30/15) but the domain name is all yours. We do the work – help choose a name – setup forwarding – and bill card on file.

You can buy a domain here!

Our parent company, Site Impressions, has a domain name service available. Please click this button to go to our site, and order your domain now!



***Do not use TUP, TUPPER, or TUPPERWARE or any registered or trademarked name in your domain name – see TW terms of service for limitations ****

NAME IDEAS: (available as of 9/2)


yep – .party is now an extension


How to Purchase and Forward Domain Names

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