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How Do I Update My Billing Info?

Use our SECURE form. Click Here.

We will use this form to update your information in our database. We will ONLY use your information for billing purposes, for your TW services, and to contact you. We take your privacy seriously.

Do NOT give your credit card number via email. EVER. Email is NOT secure, and identity theft is made easy by hacking email accounts. The same is true for internet chat methods (e.g. FaceBook). This is true for any time you are using your credit card via the internet (not just our site). Be careful with your credit card information!

Our form is encrypted to avoid hacks – please use this method ONLY to send us your credit card information. A good way to tell if a site is secure is to check the address bar. If you see https://….., it is a secure, encrypted site. If you see http://….., it is not. The S means secure. Again, this is true for any site.

How Much Does Your Service Cost?

MyTWPage Services start at $10 per month.

There are some discounts for using alternate billing cycles ($5 first-bill discount for signing up for quarterly billing, and a $5 every-bill discount for using bi-annual) as well as for referrals ($5 off for each referral to our service!)

When Do You Bill?

We process credit cards on the 5th of each month. You will be billed as often as you signed up for, in the amount of $10 a month, minus discounts.

How Can I Earn Discounts?

We offer discounts on first-time quarterly bills. This is a one-time $5 discount.

We offer a discount on each bi-annual bill, in the amount of $5.

We offer a $5 discount each time you refer a friend to our service, and they sign up using your name. There is a space in the sign up form to put a ‘referred by’ name, and they must submit your name for you to receive the discount. They must be a NEW client for you to get the discount. Each new subscriber may only submit ONE name for the referral discount.

You have no limit on the number/amount of discounts you may earn. This means that you may refer many people to our service, and you can earn your subscription free. For example: if you refer 6 people, you would receive the next 3 months of service free. Each referral after that would be applied to your next bill, so if you refer another 2 before those 3 months are over, you would receive the next month free as well. We will keep applying your discounts to your next bill.

How Do I Cancel My Subscription?

Send us an email! We will send you confirmation that we have received it, along with your cancellation date (the date your account has been paid to).

I Cancelled My Account With Tupperware. Why Are You Still Billing My Card?

We are a separate company than Tupperware, and do not check your standing with them. Even when your Tupperware page is down, we do not know the reason (temporary billing issues, server problems, downgraded to basic status, or quit Tupperware). You need to cancel your account with us separately.

Landing Pages

How Often/Quickly Is My Page Updated?

We make every effort to update your page each week, as often as new sales are posted. You will have a new background/theme each month when the new flyer is released. Weekly sales are updated and added to your site as soon as we are made aware of them. We try to check for sales, and update each week, so that your site always reflects current offers.

It takes some time to post these changes to your site. We must wait for your Tupperware shopping cart to have items/sales available before we are able to add them to your page. Most often, your updates are available by 9am EST each Saturday, for monthly flyer changes. Please be patient with us as our top designer is working through the night to get these changes to you as soon as she is able. We are making every effort to get your site updated in a timely manner.

Can I Personalize My Background On My Site?

No. We currently have no way to personalize the background on individual sites.

How Do I Change My Personal Information at the Top of My Page?

Log in to your admin section and you can update your image, phone number, social media information, and welcome message there.


How Often is the Newsletter Sent?

We will be sending an updated newsletter each week, on Wednesday morning.

It will be sent automatically to your newsletter contacts, so be sure to update yours on your admin page. To see how, visit our Training Page.

How Do I Add People To My Newsletter List?

Log in to your admin section and you can add contacts there. See our Training Page for a video showing you step-by-step directions!

Is There an Extra Charge For the Newsletter Service?

No. This is an added service for our subscribers. If you have a landing page with MyTWPage, you now have a newsletter you may send as well.

Can I Send the Newsletter Just Monthly?


Privacy: We do not sell your email, phone, name or data to any company or individual. 

No. We do not offer a monthly newsletter option.

In our pre-release polling, we found that most of our subscribers prefer a weekly newsletter so that no sales are missed. If you prefer a once-a-month option, there are other services you may use rather than ours.

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