How Can I Earn Discounts?

We offer discounts on first-time quarterly bills. This is a one-time $5 discount.

We offer a discount on each bi-annual bill, in the amount of $5.

We offer a $5 discount each time you refer a friend to our service, and they sign up using your name. There is a space in the sign up form to put a ‘referred by’ name, and they must submit your name for you to receive the discount. They must be a NEW client for you to get the discount. Each new subscriber may only submit ONE name for the referral discount.

You have no limit on the number/amount of discounts you may earn. This means that you may refer many people to our service, and you can earn your subscription free. For example: if you refer 6 people, you would receive the next 3 months of service free. Each referral after that would be applied to your next bill, so if you refer another 2 before those 3 months are over, you would receive the next month free as well. We will keep applying your discounts to your next bill.

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